Who Is Melissa Moore The Retail Advisor?

Who Is Melissa Moore The Retail Advisor?

Who Is The Retail Advisor?

Who Is Melissa Moore a.k.a The Retail Advisor?

I read J. Kelly Hoey’s book ‘Build Your Dream Network’ over Christmas (lockdown had kicked back in) and I was blown away! I had heard her speak in December and realised the reason I didn’t enjoy ‘networking’ is because I was doing it all wrong.

Fast forward a few weeks and having found a tribe of unbelievable entrepreneurial minded woman in Awaken Hub, I had to answer the question: Who Is Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor?

How would you describe yourself in 6 words or less?

Retail and Creator Advisor, Mentor, Trainer.

Melissa Moore The Retail Advisor

What prompted you to start your business?

I was meeting more and more independent retailers who felt alone and lacked support or accountability. Having worked in the retail sector for over 20 years with national and international brands including Brown Thomas, IKEA and Kilkenny Design I knew I had the experience to empower these business owners to make a change. 

I saw a need for independent retailers to develop their skillset; enabling them to put efficient processes in place, improve their customer experience, move to online selling (this was before Covid) and engage across social platforms.

Setting up The Retail Advisor in 2019 has enabled me to mentor independent retail owners and Irish makers and creators. 

Running my own business has given me the time to design and deliver training programmes to hundreds of people across Ireland and the UK. I have been able to work with well-known high street brands, supermarket chains, credit unions, community groups and the hospitality sector to deliver customer experience and sales training.

Customer Experience Training

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

Having moved to London from Dublin as a child, I grew up in an age of large out-of-town shopping center’s and glitzy West End stores. It was here that my own retail journey started with Laura Ashley in the summer before university.

After achieving a first class honours degree, family ties in Dublin beckoned. Having returned to Ireland, I completed a Masters degree in Business Studies (MBS) in 2005, having written a retail focused dissertation.

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