The Retail Tea Break Podcast Season 2 Recap

The Retail Tea Break Podcast Season 2 Recap

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Well, what did you think of Season 2 of The Retail Tea Break podcast?

Each week I’ve be joined by industry experts, retailers and product creators to decode the myths, share knowledge and give you an insight into the industry.

Here’s the episode run down from Season 2:

  • The new era of physical retail with Ian Scott
  • Why Branding is so important with Deirdre Martin
  • A cuppa with Karl from Kotanical
  • Retail Strategy with Michelle Yanes-Olivares
  • A cuppa with Vobe Interiors
  • Data driven e-commerce with Sarah Curran Usher MBE
  • Becoming a retailer and a maker with Caitriona from Moher Cottage
  • Shop Local with Tracy from Phillips Menswear
  • Understanding consumer decision making with Dr Denis O’Hora
  • Building a product range with Emma Jane from Johnny Magory
  • Educating Retail with Dr Oran Doherty

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So, grab your cup of tea, sit back, relax and listen in to The Retail Tea Break!

We’ll be back in the autumn with season 2.