The Customer Journey Online

The Customer Journey Online

The Customer Journey Online

Would you get a 5 ⭐ rating for your online customer journey? 

When was the last time you thought about the different steps that make
up your customer’s ONLINE journey? Did you consider it when you built
your website:

This image shows the customer journey for an ‘online’ experience:

The Customer Journey Online

1. Searching online; is your SEO doing a good job? Are your social media
posts driving people to your website or are your competitors getting all
the traffic?

2. Arrive on your site; what’s the first impression? Is the landing page
relevant, seasonal, current, or are you showcasing items OUT OF STOCK

3. Order; how many clicks are there between choosing an item and
paying? How many question boxes does the customer have to fill in?

4. Is it easy and straightforward to pay? Do all your payment links work?

5. What happens between payment and delivery? Do you email the
customer during this ‘wait’ period to thank them for their custom? Do
you explain what will happen next regarding delivery and returns.

6. Delivery; Do you clearly explain your policy on your website? Do you/
your third party delivery service communicate effectively with the

7. What is your after sales service like? Do you clearly explain your returns
policy. Can the customer contact if they have a query?

Shopping online should be quick, don’t make it complicated or slow