The Customer Journey In-Store

The Customer Journey In-Store


Would you get a 5 ⭐ rating for your customer journey? 

I’m meeting more and more business owners who have not thought
about the journey that they make their customers take. Some blame COVID and some have just never considered it.

How many barriers do you place in front of your customer?

This image shows the customer journey for an ‘in-store’ experience:

The Customer Journey In-store

The customer journey should be a seamless, positive experience that
shows that you are the expert in your field, a business to trust and that you value their custom.

1. Searching online; using Google to find out your opening hours or
looking at your website. When was the last time that you checked this
information was correct or that all the links to/from your website

2. Arrive at your store; did you sweep outside today? Are your windows
clean? What is the first impression like?

3. Greeting; are your team too task oriented to notice the customer or are they happy and welcoming? Does the customer feel valued?

4. Guidance; can your team offer top rate advice based on product
knowledge and an understanding of what the customer needs or wants? Can they suggest add on products or alternatives?

5. Is it easy and straightforward to pay? Is the customer thanked?

6. Delivery; is the item wrapped nicely and placed in a bag? Is the delivery
service explained?

7. What is your after sales service like? Is it simple and straightforward?

Remember, the end goal should be to ensure that the customer returns.