The Customer Experience Part 2

The Customer Experience Part 2

Customer Experience

How do your staff contribute to your customers’ journey?

They are the most important and most visible part of your customers’ journey and can be the difference between average and excellence.

Whether they are digitally replying to customers or speaking to a customer in-store, your team ARE your brand.  Have you explained what amazing customer service is, do they understand the part they have to play in the customers’ journey? Make sure they are trained to reflect your brand values; ensure they want to welcome customers and that they are well informed.  

Do not make it hard for your customers to buy things; stock should be priced and staff should be knowledgeable about products to be able to serve and sell. The team need to understand the features and benefits of all your products and should be able to explain your services. Having product knowledge will enable your team to engage with your customers and build relationships, whilst showcasing and ultimately selling your goods. 

How do the staff greet customers?

Whether in person or on the phone, are the staff energised and happy to smile and say hello? Remember that every time a team member engages with a customer, it is an opportunity to gain a new customer or to retain an existing one. The lifetime spend of your customers is what keeps you in business.

Map out your customer journey and consider how your staff can support the different touchpoints. Where are the gaps in your customer experience? Can you train your team or improve your processes to improve your customer experience?

By mapping the journey and improving it, you will make your customers feel special to ensure that they keep coming back.