The Customer Experience Part 1

The Customer Experience Part 1

The Retail Advisor Customer Experience

Have you spent time considering your customers’ journey? 

Every touchpoint that a customer has with your brand is important, it is a chance for you to demonstrate that your service, knowledge, or expertise.

The customer journey starts from the first experience or exposure they have and ends with that last piece of communication you have with them. From searching online, viewing your website, pulling up outside your store, unboxing your parcel or trying to make a return. Every small aspect of your customer interaction speaks volumes about your business.

Customer Experience

You should be able to map out every touchpoint that your customer has both in-store or online. Does your new website match your branding instore or the branding on your product? There should be consistency throughout the customer journey to ensure ease of use. 

Is it easy to find the product from your latest Instagram post on your website, or if a customer calls your store will your team know what you’ve just posted? Everything on your social media is part of the journey. If you get this wrong your customers will simply walk away and head to your competition.

Does the language you use on your website or answering the phone match your brand? Is it consistent with your values? What about the language you use once a customer has placed an order online? The more informed a customer is, the easier they find the experience because you have set an expectation. You also need to make it easy for them to return goods or at least have a clear refund policy.

If you have a store, do you walk it every day? Do you stand outside, or across the road and look at the external appearance as a customer would? Are your windows clean so that your displays sparkle? Is there litter or leaves on the ground?

Once inside, is your store welcoming? Are you bombarding customers with Covid-19 signage or are you welcoming them in a friendly manner and subtly reminding them to sanitize their hands whilst keeping their distance?

What is the ambience like in the store, is your music or radio station appropriate? If music is too loud I tend to walk straight out, if a store is too cold I’ll rush around to finish my shopping. Is the atmosphere of your store adding to your customer journey?

Whether your customer is shopping with you in person or on your website, it should be the same amazing experience. Omnichannel retail means consistency and it should be an uninterrupted transition between the different areas including gift vouchers and returns. So, are you that business that frustrates their customers by showing every second item is out of stock online? Remember the customer journey should be pain free if you want them to buy from you and not your competition.

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