Smashing Sales in 2021 FREE WORKBOOK

Smashing Sales in 2021 FREE WORKBOOK



Do you want a FREE sales workbook?

2020 was difficult, but retailers pushed through and so to support them in 2021, I’ve put together a workbook to use throughout the year.

Once you’ve downloaded it (check your junk mail), take a look at this goal setting post. Setting yourself and your team sales goals throughout the year is so important. Small steps over time will lead to big changes in the long term.


Think about how you can improve your sales, it’s not as simple as increasing your prices!

Take a look at these tips to get you started:

  1. Turn the browser into a spender. Your website isn’t a museum, you want people to browse and buy, not browse and walk away. Make sure you’re not giving consumers a reason to head over to your competition, so check your website links regularly to make sure they work.
  2. Use your existing customers. If you have happy, engaged customers, they will tell their friends and family. We’re more likely to buy from those we trust. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and share pictures of their purchases.
  3. Add on sales. Insure that your ecommerce site works the same way your shop does. If someone was buying a birthday present in your store, would you suggest a birthday card? Your website should work the same way. All these little sales add up over time.
  4. The tie. If I came to your shop looking for a pink and yellow spotty tie, but you didn’t have one, would you let me walk out? Or would you show me alternatives and try to save the sale? Your website should be full of alternative offers to entice the browser to buy.
  5. Engage, engage, engage. So many retailers stop posting on their social media between seasons. They think they have nothing new to show the consumer and remain silent. What if your competition keeps posting; showing their team, showing their core range, showing behind the scenes. If you engage the customer, they’ll remember you.

Every month, I invite you write in your sales figures so that you can see the trends develop as year goes on. I also suggest that you pop in key dates that will help you boost sales such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and the start of your summer sale.


The big difference with this workbook is that I suggest that you take time out every month to reflect.  Write down what you will stop, start and continue. What do you need to stop doing, what’s not working for your business or adding value? What do you need to start doing right now, that will grow your sales this year. What do you need to continue, the things you need to keep doing to support your business dream.

Let me know how you get on with your Smashing Sales in 2021 workbook, remember it is a tool for the whole year, not just for January.

Good luck!