Retail Trends 2021

Retail Trends 2021

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Do you remember the predicted trends for 2020?

Did you take any notice of trends once March hit or did you do whatever needed to be done in order to survive?

The emerging trends for 2021 are a continuation of what has come before.

Did you live stream in 2020? What I’m really asking is, did you use Facebook Live, You Tube or IGTV to promote your business or to engage with your customers? Did record videos of your stock or of your shop?

retail social media

Social ecommerce will also continue to grow in 2021. It won’t be enough to just have a presence on various social media platforms, you’ll be encouraged to set up a shop too. Anything that makes it easier for the customer to buy is good for you, right?

Showing up everyday on social media isn’t enough in 2021:

  1. Live stream regularly, showing your latest stock or revamped store. Give the customer an insight into your retail life.
  2. Ensure that you’re only highlighting stock that you have plenty of! You don’t want rows of sold out stickers on your website before you’ve highlighted the products on social media.
  3. Use live streaming and social media to interact with customers, even during lockdown. Make your customers feel special.

What about sustainability?

It has been a steadily growing trend over the last few years and 2021 is no different. Customers want to be part of the sustainable movement, so tell them what you are doing.

retail sustainability

Some Sustainability ideas:

  1. Choose energy efficient equipment such as light bulbs. Swap out the traditional light bulbs with the energy energising ones such as LED lighting, you’ll save money in the long term.
  2. Reduce paper usage.  Identify tasks and processes that require pen paper and then digitalise them! 
  3. What about switching to sustainable packaging alternatives? As a customer, if you’ve ordered online over the last few months, have you noticed if your parcel arrives with plastic tape or paper tape?
  4. Gone are the days of bubble wrap, a lot more suppliers now using the paper version that pulls apart like a concertina. It still acts like bubble wrap and protects products. 

Let me know if you’ll be following these retail trends in 2021.