Frontline Workers; How to Ensure that they focus on CX

Frontline Workers; How to Ensure that they focus on CX

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“Customer Service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job…” Kenneth Blanchard

Our frontline workers deal with EVERYONE. On top of that, they are expected to:

  • Go the extra mile for customer
  • Carry on as normal when a store/ team are short staffed
  • Contend with ‘Sales vs hours’ budgets, that don’t always work
  • Perform in a fast paced environment
  • Work in random shifts, opening early and closing late…
  • Monitor and deliver the store’s KPI’s
  • Achieve (and surpass) their sales targets
  • Clean the store!
  • Ensure the store is enticing through visual merchandising
  • Perform stock tasking: unpacking, scanning, putting out and deal with stock issues
  • Ensure all stock is priced as legally required and fix promotions when they are wrong 
  • Answering the phone
  • Answering emails
  • Attend training/ perform with a lack of training
  • Deal with the direct impact of a poor customer journey
  • Deal with direct impact of another department’s mistakes
  • Work under misguided management
  • Deal with rude or aggressive customers

So in order to focus on our customer and their experiences we can do 3 things to work with our frontline retailers:

Clear Communication 

  • Use the same language as the frontline workers, not fancy marketing jargon!
  • Stop the waterfall effect!
  • Listen to what they have to say through direct feedback or surveys.
  • Deliver your message in a manner that suits them, not you using mixed media or email!

Work alongside…

  • Understand their roll in the business, what it’s like day to day.
  • See the customer through their eyes.
  • Don’t fob them off with crass posters or mugs!
  • Understand their agenda and realise it is like the strategic agenda at C-suite level.

Welcome them to your world

  • Invite them up; ensure there is an open door policy.
  • Challenge the frontline to solve your problems- ask their advice (and act on it).
  • Be consistent, keep it going!

Timely training 

  • Set the agenda from day 1, invest in your people and their training
  • Invest in continuous on the job training because they meet our customers in real life delivered by someone who understands
  • Show them how and where they fit in by investing in technology specifically for them.

If you are looking for retail training for you and your team then email to discuss your training requirements. We will work together to ensure that your teams are empowered and confident to provide your customers with amazing customer experience.

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