Christmas Planning 2021

Christmas Planning 2021

Christmas Planning

“I wish it could be Christmas everyday…”

Wizzard might have sung that line, but most retailers and makers I know are relived that it’s not!

It might be sunny and warm outside, but now is the perfect time to get ahead and start planning for your “most wonderful” time of year. Any prep you can do during August and September will stand to you in that crazy six week lead up to Christmas.

Christmas The Retail Advisor

Whether you are a retailer or a creator, there are lots of simple steps that you can take now to get ahead.

Christmas Planning 2021:

Figures: Look at the data you have from the last few years; what products or promotions made you money? What didn’t work and cost you cash or margin? Forecast (make an educated guess) what you could do this year. 

Set that goal and keep it in mind as you plan.

Opportunities: Look at the opportunities within your business; where can you make more money? Could you bundle products (take a main product and add their obvious side kicks) . Could you run an early promotion; only do this if you have costed it and have enough products. So don’t be running Black Friday promotions for the sake of it, don’t! 

Make sure you start developing marketing and social media plan to leverage all your activities. What about your website; have you got the graphics and photography ready to upload for the festive season?

Threats: What could threaten your business during Quarter 4? Price increases from suppliers that you hadn’t planned for, or a shortage of key lines or raw materials will damage your sales. Look ahead, ensure you have plenty of your hero products and packaging in-stock early. The global shortage of cardboard and containers isn’t an excuse for you! 

Start communicating with suppliers as early as possible; you need to know if your suppliers are planning promotions and discounts that you can use to your advantage. 

What about your third party delivering company, are they reliable? If the answer is no, then now is the time to change or come up with a plan b.

People: How can you use and include your team to the best of their abilities? Your people are the key to a successful festive quarter 4. Have a brainstorm session with them and involve them in the planning and execution of a successful festive season. 

If you need to recruit seasonal staff, do it early, It’s an employees market out there right now.

CX: How can you deliver exceptional customer experiences both in person and online? You need to WOW your customers to ensure they buy and that they keep coming back. 

Can you send your VIP customers a Christmas card (get designing it NOW) or plan something special for them to say thank you? Can you offer them exclusive discounts, or offer them a special preview of your festive offerings?

To recap:

  1. Use your time and involve your team to build a workable plan to set you up for a successful Christmas 2021.
  2. Buy consumables now, including packaging.
  3. Communicate with the retailers/ Suppliers early.
Have you got your free Getting Ahead pack? I have put together a planner covering the 5 key areas that I have mentioned in this post. Use it during August and September to ensure you make the most of Christmas 2021. Sign up to my newsletter to get your copy today!