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No matter where you are on your retail journey, I'm here to support you!

I empower retailers and Irish makers to strengthen their businesses through sales growth and excellence in customer experience.


My name is Melissa Moore

I have over 25 years’ experience working with national and international retail brands including Brown Thomas, IKEA and Kilkenny Design. Along the way, I gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge in all aspects of the industry including buying, merchandising, sales and stock control. I launched The Retail Advisor retail consultancy to empower retailers and deliver training to deliver exceptional service and sales.


The Retail Tea Break

Each week I’ll be joined by industry experts, retailers and product creators to decode the myths, share knowledge and give you a better insight into the retail industry. So grab your cup of tea, sit back, relax and listen in….

I will develop tailor-made training programmes to suit your business needs, giving you expertly trained staff to aid you in growing your business by meeting the needs of your customers.